Friday, August 13, 2010

Creativety Meets OVER the top

Okay I've told you before that I'm a bit on the creative side, well my kids like to challenge me from time to time. I take that back "I" challenge myself. They are always happy with what ever I come up with. So being all that said, my daughter Maddie asked me if I could once again make her a Halloween costume. She asked to be...wait for it..."Cotton Candy". Simple right, buy some cotton paint it pink roll her in one big ball (like they did Violet on Willy Believe me she would have been happy with that...REALLY. But would "I"...okay NO I wouldn't so there I went NOT only making her Cotton Candy, but the Queen of Cotton Candy....okay just read below and you will see what I'm talking about: okay so first finding the outfit, I guess I could have made it but why when you can get more creative with something that has already been something from the past. In this case I found an old 80's prom dress atleast that is what I thought it was when I saw it, or maybe it was a bride's maids dress, dunno but I saw a Cotton Candy Queen in the So I bought it for a mere 5.00 at Goodwill, the whole time Maddie asking me "Uh, Mom really are you's kinda OLD". I said "Yup, that is why I love it". So off I went , creating this master piece well that is what I like to think of it So I hope my steps here will be able to guide you. I hope I did this right, I need to take a few classes on how to do most of this stuff. After begging and bothering friend I finally got some help and my sweet friend Bill was able to help me get the slide show together with music and all. Turned out Great!!!

I hope you have enjoyed the video, please tell me your thoughts. I will be working on 2011 but as of today she still doesn't know what she would like to be dressed as.
Enjoy Creating !!!!

besos XoXo

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