Saturday, July 3, 2010

This Ones for the Girls

So the room awaits YOU. A room where you can walk in, grab a cocktail, grab a tray full of beads and get-a-workin'. You can call it therapy, you can call it a gathering...YOU can call it your mini-getaway. What am I talking about? I'm talking about fun for the ladies!

Over the years I have been asked if I give classes. Typically during summer I host a girls camp. But this year the question of a 'ladies' camp came up again. I thought what a wonderful idea - a forum to share my talents with wonderful women who want to learn. Throw in a cocktail and some appetizers...and voila, we have a winner!

During a conversation with one of my best friends she brought up the comment, 'when we get away do they (meaning our kids, husbands or any others that we share our lives with) understand how time with friends actually revitalizes us?' We are better women for it. I remember this conversation so well. I often think about where I would be if it were not for my best friends, with whom I have shared so many conversations about motherhood, wife-hood (LOL), and all the other roles we take on as women.

I often reflect on my childhood, seeing my Abuelita watering her plants as I would watch her. She would be deep in thought, I would run and ask her Wella dejame hacerlo, which means let me do it. Her response was always a resounding NO. In hindsight, I now understand why - she was in HER zone, she was experiencing HER getaway. She would be deep in thought for an hour or so. I realize now that this was very therapeutic for her. WE ALL NEED A GETAWAY, even if it is for just a few hours. I say take those few hours, take the time to get away, get a little more dressed up and have a cocktail with the gals - just for conversation and a little therapy.

This is what I was so honored to do at my shop recently. For a small fee we gathered together, grabbed a cocktail and started working on a fun craft. Some of the ladies were so happy as they said they would never do something like this at home or any other place. (It's funny that something so natural for me is so foreign to some of them!) The ladies were thrilled! As they completed just one charm they would say "Oh, it is done!", all while talking about what they did for a living, while others enjoyed "catch-up" conversations with old friends. I had several tell me "thank you for doing this, you just don't know how much I needed this".

It was an awesome experience and the vibe in the room was so wonderful! I want to do it over and over again. I hope to host many more of these "therapy sessions" and share my talent with others while we all talk away our daily stresses. My heart is filled once again with amor for what I do - and I love finding ways to share these gifts.

So I say to you, call it therapy, call it a getaway, call it what ever you want - just make sure to call your gals and GETAWAY - you will be better for it!


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