Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Repurpose, Reuse, Get Creative

So every Summer I have a "Girls Camp" that I host in my shop. Can I first tell you that I say it is for girls who want to make creative things, enjoy fellowship with other girls their own age or so. THEY enjoy it so much....truth is "I" get more enjoyment out of it. I love to teach them NEW things, I love to see the way they light up when they get their hands right into the project it's that whole creative thing in a hole different way. Showing them how to Re Purpose items that were once considered TRASH. Or show them that crocheting isn't for Grannies. Making fun jewelry that "they" made so that they can have such pride as they say that their fingers made it. Even working with cement (which is only consider to be a boy/man thing) to make beautiful stepping stones. I always start of the camp with a "What you learn this week just might stay with you for the rest of your life".

You see, I remember being a younger girl and my Abuelita(grandmother)as we called her "Wella"(which I realized later that she was my great grandmother)would teach me small things about gardening, sewing and crocheting. So let me be real, can I be REAL here she didn't "Teach" in the Martha Stewart way showing you step, by steps and leaning over ever so gently above over my shoulder. No she was a bit brass with somethings, but to be honest I laugh at it all now and I believe it has created such patience in my world. We grow, we learn and we improve that is how I see things. I loved that things were never wasted, re purpose was a way of LIFE NOT a so call craft or something that was created to not fill up our landfill. The very same way we have evolved to better life like bottle water and throw away plastic anything, is the very same way we will drown ourselves in our own waste. So bringing my old and my new I try my very best to again get Recycle,Re Purpose, Get Creative motto that I have for some of my creations.
So we are a family of 5 (I believe two boys should count as two each, if only "they" counted them like as they eat so much) so lets think about this a family of 5 well I'm no whiz at this stuff but we have tons of waste. We go through gallons of milk, juice and so on. So Minute Maid (my kids love this) has a cute pink jug that has the fruit punch that we buy and my brain was at it again. As I drove from my drive way looking at the recycling bin I went back to pull them out, yes you read right "I pulled out of my own trash" now that's So off I went creative several things out of these jugs. Here is one creation:
Again let me tell you I'm very new to this whole thing so on the right you have some pics as I will explain how I came up with it all.
1. The jug had two very nice circles near the base so I followed the guide that was already in place (simple scissors did the trick).
2.I then took a wire and punched holes very small ones to around the brim of the outer circle just far enough apart so that weaving a wire would do just fine.
3. I then weaved the wire to start my process of adding each bead then weave to each hole, in a whip stitch type pattern. Any bead works great just make sure the hole is large enough to fit your wire. 19 gauge is what I used for this project. Repeat on each side.
4. Make a handle for the top and for it's hanging purpose, get creative with this one, do keep the cap as you don't want your bird food to get wet.
I love how they came out as they would also make cute table center piece if you wished, so many possibilities. I also made a butterfly out of the same jug style that is adorable. I think the girls are going to have fun making this one.
I hope to blog more about many more ideas, if I can just get to figure it all out more.
I hope you enjoyed this one, tell me what you think.


  1. This is the cutest idea! I love birds and make normal boring wood feeders. This is great! Thanks for sharing. Must make one of these. My problem will be keeping the squirrels from eating the beads. haha

  2. Thanks for the idea! it is a better alternative to the ones we make in school with milk cartons. This is a good activity to go along with a lesson for earth week.

  3. I am truly amazed at the unique, creative, creations you come up with, daily. Maggie, you have a unique and special spirit, and a generous heart to want to share your beautiful creativity and passion for art with young minds. The world is truly blessed to have such a special soul in it, and I am happy and proud to know you.

  4. Thank you All so much for your comments. I hope to share many creative ideas and thoughts with you all. I'm feeling the love and support right through the

    Big Besos!!!


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